Presenting outta the cage's manifesto - oops, I mean, dogifesto... Woof!

Work Damn Hard.
See every dog as an individual, regardless of her breed or provenance.
Video and photograph shelter dogs outside of their kennels (aka:  outta the cage!).
Rely on the viral power of the network. It’s not who you know; it’s who they know.
Believe that decompression time, serious exercise, and companionship (both animal and human) can transform a shelter pet.
Collaborate with trusted partners to leverage specialty skills and offers of help.
Maintain data on every visit and every dog. We perform analytics on our data to pinpoint problems and reveal potential trends and patterns. 
Work Damn Hard.
Celebrate ambassadors, photographers, viDOGraphers, networkers, fosters and adopters.
When it comes to behavior assessments: trust, but verify.
Envision dogs leaving the shelter (aka: outta the cage!).
Never, ever take a dog without a plan. 
Pay extra attention to the seniors, the injured, and special-needs dogs.
Create small moments of joy for shelter animals.
Work Damn Hard.